About Us

we are

The Knowledge Hub Compliance team has extensive experience in the Australian Healthcare and Training Industry. Knowledge Hub is an endeavour that is backed by EduSystems Australia, a software marketing and development company that meets all your training, customer relationship and communication needs. Having successfully managed their own RTO compliance processes, they have first-hand knowledge of the processes involved and have designed a set of best practices for Compliance Management. The Knowledge Hub compliance platform has evolved from their extensive personal experience.

Knowledge Hub provides consulting and end-to-end support in regulatory compliance solutions…and helps you keep one step ahead of what is required of you!

we Do

Managing compliances is not easy, as any organisation will tell you. Anything can go wrong- using outdated documents, processes that are out of line, or mismanaging documentation mandates. Laws keep changing, creating fresh challenges in managing new legislative requirements.

We provide a fully connected approach to help you manage the impact of compliance risk on your organisation. With Knowledge Hub, you can now easily track regulations, create action plans and integrate all the processes that help you achieve compliance. Our solutions are tailored to your needs.


Our mission is to streamline and simplify organisational regulatory management, setting in place best practices and step-by-step processes that take all the hassle out of compliances!

  • At Knowledge Hub, we keep ourselves updated with constantly evolving laws and compliance requirements.
  • We work hard to understand your processes and set in place a compliance management system that streamlines your procedures and makes it simple to track compliance requirements.
  • We would like to be your preferred compliance consultants, and to always meet and exceed your expectations.