Mia Montagliani, Marketing Coordinator EduSystems Australia

Mia Montagliani, Marketing Coordinator at EduSystems Australia, has been a marketing professional since 2009. Mia has extensive and varied experience in the VET sector. As a qualified coach and trainer, Mia has been involved in curriculum development and training for 8 years.

With so much experience in marketing and training, the change to marketing Knowledge Hub, a web application powered by EduSystems, was quite refreshing for Mia.

“I value my time, and time is money for employers. So it’s great to be involved with a product that allows staff to streamline their work flow and avoid duplication of effort through the use of automated processes.”

Mia found adapting her marketing language to be particularly interesting; the messages that one uses to reach out to consumers regarding training courses is very different to the language required for business when talking about web applications. Mia finds this challenge has allowed her to grow as a marketer and to hone her skills around story-telling. “Every product tells a story: of what it is, how it can benefit you and the feeling it gives you, so finding that story with web applications is important. Apple tells the story of their products well – they elicit passion from their consumers.

Top marketers and branding experts not only create loyalty, but staunch conviction in their customers’ hearts. People are not loyal to a product that they feel ‘meh’ about.”

Mia has found her passion for dog training has informed her marketing approach – if you keep it simple and with gentle repetition, dogs understand – and act on – their owners’ message. The same goes for people; a simple, consistent message with a clear call to action is best.

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