The 9 Most Important Features of Successful Business Management Software

khblog..Office management software should be flexible, user friendly and customisable to each company’s business needs.  It should automate  work processes so that business performance is enhanced – and gives staff and management a foundation upon which to communicate effectively so that compliance, quality and profits become the standard, not an aspiration. Here are some tips on evaluating and choosing the best software to manage office processes and accelerate business growth!


Feature 1: Improve staff productivity
Try to get software which will take care of repeated tasks like time charts, leave and payroll processes through automation. By automating repetitive processes, staff can free up their valuable time, which can be better used to attend to core priorities – thus increasing staff productivity.

Feature 2: Simplify sharing
Sharing of knowledge through forums can help staff to learn through the experience of others. Journals and articles can be shared and online discussions can be generated and used to inform important business focus and decisions.

Feature 3: Transparent Tasking
It should be possible to view task schedules, start and end dates. The progress of projects can then be reviewed by team leaders, enabling better task management.

Feature 4: Easy staff inductions
Staff induction programs help new members of the organisation to easily understand their role within the organisation. They can get started without any delay in learning the ropes.

Feature 5: Effective staff training
It should be possible to make training programs available online to help employees update and validate their competencies. Staff training programs enhance the skills and knowledge of employees and are an integral part of any successful organisation. Regular staff training programs can be held, and announcements made which will reach all the staff in real time.

Feature 6:  Simplify delegation
Office management software should facilitate effective task delegation. When members of a team are working on the same project, all too often responsibilities are not shared adequately. Tasks can be allocated between members of teams or across offices. Duplication of tasks can be avoided, improving overall efficiency.

Feature 7: Enhance staff communication
By facilitating intra and inter office communication, all employees can be on the same page as to work progress on different accounts. Ideally, they should be able to update each other in real time, without getting lost in a flurry of emails.

Feature 8: Transparent Interdepartmental operations
Complete transparency of inter-department operations is of paramount importance  when different teams are working on the same project to achieve a common goal. Each team should know each others’ progress.

Feature 9: Resource saving
Last but not least, office management software must be time saving- it should not be complicated to set up and run. And of course, it should be easy on the pocket as well!

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