Compliance Resources to Assist with Your RTO

No matter what industry you are in, ensuring you are adhering to applicable guidelines is crucial. Compliance requirements are affecting an increasing number of business processes, and the traditional approach of dealing with regulations is not enough for a growing organisation. More and more companies are now turning to automated tools that are created using intelligent software platforms. Offering RTO compliance resources, Knowledge Hub® provides a convenient solution to clients.


Knowledge Hub® provides a common framework and an integrated approach to meet the ASQA standards for RTOs & Vocational Training Institutes such as CRICOS, TEQSA providers and so on. Setting up an RTO that meets compliance standards can be a challenging job indeed. We offer process assessments, analysis, and support along with a customised automated Compliance Management solution that enables efficient and interactive management of activities related to laws, regulations, standards and internal policies.

Whatever your compliance requirement, we will use our resources and work with you to identify and address your individual needs.

Who is it meant for?

Keeping up with constantly changing rules and regulations can be hard. Not conforming to laws, though, can get you into trouble!

Whether your organisation is working towards an ASQA audit, striving to meet quality benchmarks, or checking to see if your RTO is on track in terms of compliance, resources and assistance, from Knowledge Hub® will help you meet all your needs.

How we help you with compliance

At Knowledge Hub® , we understand that each institution is unique and operates in its own way. Knowledge Hub® can manage your current policies, procedures and process efficiently ensure best practices, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency of employees, avoiding clutter. We custom-create your compliance regulatory system, and help you to achieve and sustain adherence with applicable regulations. You can efficiently organise processes and allocate tasks, record meeting minutes, generate reports and templates, and keep records and documents in one location.

With Knowledge Hub® providing support and compliance resources, your RTO can achieve and maintain compliances at all times, easily and efficiently, in the following ways:

  • Get a ready reference of Compliance frameworks showing norms and standards established by regulatory bodies
  • Set up processes and allocate tasks to work toward compliance regulation
  • Streamline and semi-automate manual processes for process efficiency
  • Use our task organiser that can organise, delegate and check progress of scheduled tasks
  • Keep a detailed record of all meeting minutes
  • Create a central database of reports and action plans to help with Internal Audits
  • Readily access the online document archiving

Choosing the right system for your compliance management needs is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

We have the expertise and the experience – we’ll manage your compliance, so you can manage your business!

Internal Audits

Internal audits are found to be increasingly important, as they help an organisation accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic approach to evaluate and improve control and governance processes. The Knowledge Hub® Compliance Management Solution simplifies Internal auditing, as all relevant processes automatically fall into place, and mandatory documents and reports are easily generated.

Internal Audits have significant benefits:

  • They help to assess the design and execution of the system of internal compliance controls.
  • They streamline processes and assist management in the effective discharge of their duties.
  • They provide a thorough evaluation of compliance with laws and regulations.
  • They give recommendations for the improvement of operations.

From help with training and efficient management features to audits and reliable support, we offer solutions that are sure to cater to your needs.

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