A well structured document storage system is critical to effective compliance management. Traditional manual and paper- based processes for storing policies and compliance documents are inefficient and hard to handle, and accessing an old document is often a laborious process. Unless your organisation upgrades to an automated approach, documentation can prove to be a bottleneck as your company grows! Manual entries not only result in lost resources and time, but also carry the chance of human error. Besides this, with decentralized documentation, there can be many blind spots- where your organisation may miss out on important mandates in the compliance process. This can lead to fines, recalls and unnecessary delays in the compliance process.

Knowledge Hub’s Documents tool provides organizations with a single accessible online library where all the necessary files and supporting documentation can be stored and retrieved on-demand as necessary. This online library ensures that all files are streamlined, well organized and instantly accessible, saving time and efforts required to locate the necessary files. Your organisation can get a 360 degree view across the entire compliance process-related documentation, ensuring that there are no gaps or oversights that could prove costly in the long run.

Complex documentation and certification that need to be cross linked and frequently referenced are available, and can be easily maintained online as long as the records need to be kept. Policies, procedures and forms can be centrally managed and can be linked to standards. Ensure that you have accurate, up-to-date records at all times, as proof that important activities are completed – since compliance regulatory bodies require a demonstration of processes to show that all benchmarks are met.

Now you can simplify how you keep track of your documents, efficiently and systematically! Here are just some of the many benefits:

  • Store all documents and files safely in a central repository
  • Get ready access to all compliance and control documents, policies, and procedures
  • Simplify the process of review and approval as all documents are maintained and readily available
  • Configure your Access parametrics in such a way that access can be restricted, and usage can be monitored
  • Improve transparency, communication and collaboration across teams
  • Performance metrics are easily measured as all documents are on display
  • Simplify the process of compliance with regulations through electronic recording of process step and control over revisions
  • Maintain a clearly documented trail of processes for easy auditing

Save on time and effort and make sure all your documents are safe, with Knowledge Hub’s complete document management solution!