What is Knowledge Hub Compliance?

Across all industries, compliance laws are constantly being upgraded, with new rules being added and existing rules being reframed. Knowledge Hub Compliance is an online Compliance Management Solution that is customized to your compliance needs, and enables efficient and interactive management of activities related to laws, regulations, standards and internal policies.

All registered training organisations (RTOs) are required to comply with relevant Commonwealth, state or territory legislation and regulatory requirements. Knowledge Hub is especially suited to match RTO compliance needs and keep up with the current scope of mandates.


Knowledge Hub Compliance consists of following modules. Each module has many features that can help make implementation of the compliance process in your company faster, easier and better.

Compliance Framework

Full life-cycle management of policies and procedures can be set up; with ready links to all compliance related tasks and meetings. For each standard that is listed, the following features can be utilized:

  • By clicking on the standard, updated details and a description can be found
  • The Guide is also uploaded and can be accessed for reference
  • Along with each standard, links are given to associated tasks, compliance meeting minutes, and quality objectives which are related to that particular rule
  • This makes it easy to find out exactly where the company stands with respect to achieving that particular objective.

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My Tasks

By enabling a single view across all tasks, it is possible for team leaders to ensure that all responsibilities are executed competently and within due dates. These are the features available in this tool:

  • Individual tasks are listed out , with due date, status and details of the contact person
  • Tasks can also be delegated to other team members
  • Tasks can be updated as per the progress of the work
  • Reports can be readily generated and printed out
  • Priorities can be assigned to the tasks

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Meeting Minutes

This module is particularly useful to ascertain whether goals that were envisaged have been translated into a plan of action. The following features are available:

  • Meeting schedules can be listed out so that all team members are aware of proposed meetings
  • Meeting minutes can be created and edited as required for planning or reviews
  • Related actions to be taken, or actions that have been undertaken already are mentioned
  • Records of all Meeting minutes are maintained and can be accessed whenever required

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Document Library

Complex documentation and certification that need to be cross linked and frequently referenced are available in the Documents module. These can be easily maintained online , secure and readily available as long as the records need to be kept. The following features are available under this tool:

  • Policies can be listed out in one folder.
  • Forms are available for download
  • Guidelines and Evidences that detail out each compliance mandate are available
  • Procedures and process charts are readily accessible
  • These documents can be viewed and edited, and the history of each of these documents can be checked.

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Staff Training

Knowledge Hub’s Staff Training module enables the management of training courses that empower staff to reach their highest potential. Staff with privileges can manage assessments which are kept on record. These features are available:

  • Staff can view courses available, sign up for and take courses
  • Staff with privileges manage courses, and assessments and can view records
  • Courses can be edited and question pools managed
  • Feedback can be collected and viewed

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Policy Management

Internal policies can be efficiently managed and communicated using the Policy Management tool. Knowledge Hub’s Policy Management tool lays the foundation for good governance and compliance with internal policies. Some of the features include:

  • Create policies and send them on for approval
  • Once approved, policies are stored in a central library and can be viewed by all
  • If required, policies can be edited and updated after appropriate approvals
  • This feature enables easy communication of policies to all staff

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