It goes without saying that enroute to achieving compliance, your team will have to hold numerous meetings. These may be macro level or micro level compliance meetings, and it is important that all meeting records are documented with accuracy.

Knowledge Hub’s Meeting Minutes tool is set up as an end-to-end meeting minutes management solution, and incorporates tools to create and record minutes and register action plans. All meeting details can be linked to the reference area for compliance standards, and can also be conveniently integrated with the My Tasks Organizer.

You can schedule, record and manage meetings including invitations, agendas and minutes. Minutes could be systematically categorized and can be referred back to whenever needed. Meeting records that are stored in a central repository can be accessed by all personnel, and can be used to ascertain whether goals that were envisaged have been achieved within the relevant time frames.

Empower your team with the right tools, and get in step with your compliance management!

Here is how it works:

Post schedules and send reminders

Very often staff members do not get meeting notices on time, or forget to attend important meetings. Make sure this doesn’t happen! You can send out invites and post reminders. Any changes in location or schedules could be instantly notified to the entire team.

Meeting agenda

Formulate and submit the meeting agenda ahead of the schedule, and circulate it for approval and additions. All team members get a chance to set forth their views on what should be discussed. Review, edit, approve and delete items on the agenda.

Call to action

During the meeting, important issues which are discussed can be set down for appropriate action. You can register action plans and allocate responsibilities to your personnel. This section integrates with the Task organizer for follow-up and status tracking.

Link to Compliance Framework

Each action task is linked back to the List of Standard mandates for ready reference. This also ensures that no compliance process is inadvertently missed out.

Email Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes can be automatically emailed to all attendees and serve as a record of the meetings procedure and outcome. Ensure that all sessions are organized, meaningful and productive.

Publish Meeting Minutes

It is often critical that outcomes of a meeting should be accurately recorded and made available for viewing. Publish meeting minutes online, or set up with a control for limited viewing.

Take the hassle out of creating meeting records - and have the perfect back up and documentation ready, whenever you need it!

Meeting minutes…

  • Record decisions taken
  • Record any actions to be implemented
  • Record roles and responsibilities
  • Call for action from attendees
  • Provide details of proceedings to absentees
  • Serve as a written record which is stored and can be referred back to