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To keep pace with regulatory change, organisations must follow the right processes and maintain relevant documentation in a systematic manner. The traditional approach of using spreadsheets and non-centralized storage of documents is not responsive enough, and is simply not sustainable in the long term. The growing sizes of organisations also make it impossible for the compliance team to run after everyone just to make sure they are doing what they should!

To circumvent this, Knowledge Hub’s software includes Task management tools that automate your compliance task allocation and keep your staff updated about their responsibilities. With these smart tools, your compliance team is empowered to ensure that they are always on track to meet external and internal deadlines.

Now you can rest assured your compliance requirements are being met - efficiently and in the most systematic manner.

Equip your team with the tools they need to stay on track! Here is how it works:

Creating the tasks

Once your compliance objectives are in place, we help you set up processes that ensure that everyone on the team works toward meeting the goals. These processes are divided into tasks and can be set out in the Task Manager.

Delegating tasks

Delegating tasks to the appropriate staff members is the first step towards getting things done. Record roles and responsibilities so there is transparency of processes within the team.

Detailed instructions

Team leaders can create instructions and notifications that detail out compliance tasks. This ensures that there are no gaps in communication.

Team coordination

With a centralized task tracking system, each member of your team knows exactly what their role is within the framework of the overall objectives. This avoids repetition and rework of tasks.

Status updates and alerts

All team members are on the same page when it comes to charting work progress. Automated alerts set up notice of impending deadlines.

Audit Trail

Proof of compliance requires a secure trail of work, with relevant reports and documentation. With our compliance solution, this is an automatic given.

Bird’s eye view

Team leaders can get an overall perspective of your organisation’s compliance journey, eliminating delays in work while making sure that no task is left unattended.

Improved accountability

With transparency of allocated tasks across the team, every member of your task team knows the other person’s responsibilities. You can be sure that things will get done!

With an integrated suite of tools that work together seamlessly, your team can focus on your business - not on keeping track of every little compliance - necessitated task!