Simplify RTO Management with Policy Software

A successful organisation depends on ensuring all staff members are on the same page in terms of what is expected and procedures to be followed. Every organisation has its own internal policies and procedures that provide a framework within which operations and processes are carried out. These are in line with the strategic plan, and will create long-term growth for the organisation. Such policies may include employment policies, financial guidelines, risk management guidelines and so on. When these are clearly laid out, it makes organisational planning and decision making easier for the management team.

All these policies and procedures must be managed efficiently, and clearly communicated to staff. Knowledge Hub® ’s RTO policy management software lays the foundation for good governance and compliance with internal protocols. Key policy makers can create, update, manage and communicate policies to employees using this platform. Now you can ensure best practices, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency of employees by taking control of your processes!

What the RTO software solution can do

The policy management feature of the Knowledge Hub® Compliance solution enables management of company policies in the following manner:

Only staff who have the requisite privileges can add and approve policies. The privileges are given at three levels. Tier 1 staff can add and revise policies, which will be sent to Tier 2 staff for verification. They will check the content and can then decline it if they choose to do so. Tier 3 management (the CEO) will have to approve the policy before it can be implemented. Once the approval process is complete, the policy will be communicated to all employees.

All internal company protocols will be stored in a central location, and can be reviewed by all employees at all times. Statutory regulatory compliances can also be viewed by the staff at any time.

These are some of the benefits that accrue from this form of management:

  • Demonstrate robust governance and control
  • Reduce operational inefficiencies
  • Get a single view of all relevant information
  • Ensure that best practices are followed by all employees at all times
  • Improve overall business performance
  • Enable efficient decision making, prioritizing and strategy creation
  • Efficiently communicate guidelines to all employees, and regulate compliance

To further the efficiency of your organisation even more, Knowledge Hub® can also provide training software solutions that will ensure your team can operate to its potential.

Take control of your policy processes, and create sustainable business growth and success! For more information on our RTO management software and how it can assist you, please get in touch with our team of consultants by calling 03 9455 4431.