Knowledge Hub ERP Portal

The intelligent ERP system for RTO Management

The Knowledge Hub ERP portal is developed exclusively for an RTO and now launching as a product for any RTO to use. The system is designed based on the experience in managing an RTO and incorporated all aspects of RTO management. The system intelligently use all the data gathered and reduces the multiple data entry. You don’t need to key in any data twice. The system allows the student to enter all data related to student themselves from enquiry to enrolment to course progression to course completion. The RTO staff can verify all the data added by Student. The system allows student to upload their documents and gives the verification option to RTO staff. The online assessment system allows the student to submit assessment online and trainer to mark the assessment online. Your efforts of managing paper assessment is reduced to zero. You can update the assessments online and the system will make sure that all the students are getting the latest version of the assessment.

The online resource management will make sure that all students are getting the latest resources all the time. In terms staff management, the system will take care of the skills matrices, industry currency, timesheets, etc. Since all these are managed online the visibility and ease of use is high. All together the system reduces the admin time approximately 50%, increases the efficiency of educators more than 60%.

Business Management

  • Business Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Corporate Governance policies
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Vison and Mission

Staff Management

  • Staff Induction
  • Staff Performance Management
  • Industrial Currency
  • Skills Matrix
  • Leave Management
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Task Management
  • Continuous Improvement Register
  • Online meeting minutes
  • Staff Feedback
  • Marketing Material Approval online
  • Document Management
  • Policies and Procedures online
  • Compliance Framework
  • Internal Audit online

Student management

  • Online Enrolments
  • Online document collection
  • Provide learning resources online
  • Time table online
  • Complaints and Feedbacks
  • Discussion Forums
  • Conduct Online Survey
  • Student Attendance
  • Capture Volume of Learning
  • Capture all communications with students

Course Management

  • Add Courses
  • Add Units
  • Online time table
  • Manage course documents online
  • Resource Management

Admission Management

  • Manage Enquiries
  • Manage Applications
  • Track all communications with future students
  • Manage documents
  • Enrol online

Assessment Online

  • Publish Assessments online
  • Online submission
  • Online Marking
  • Marking Calculator
  • Assessment Mapping
  • Assessment Due Dates
  • Procedures Online
  • Student Feedback on assessment
  • Assessment Validation


  • AVETMISS Reporting
  • VET FEE Help Reporting
  • AHPRA Reporting
  • Enrolment Reports
  • Assessments Reports
  • Student Progress Reports
  • Staff Reports
  • Custom Reports


  • Generate Invoice
  • Generate state specific funding invoice
  • Track Payments